September 14, 2023

FaST tool and Field Book/FMIS

On Tuesday the 19th of January 2021 NIVA project organized a Webinar about FaST tool and the Field Book/FMIS. In this webinar NIVA provided insights on the use and possibilities of the FaST tool, Farm Management Information Systems (FMIS) and Field Books. Three main points were presented on this webinar:

  • FaST Tool in the Common Agricultural Policy:

Isidro Campos Rodríguez (EC – DG AGRI) provided a general overview of the utility and funcionalities of FaST in the CAP. The enhanced scope of this digital tool is the optimization in the use of nutrients in agriculture. At this regard, FaST aims to provide a level-playing-field for all farmers in EU in order to reduce the gap/accessibility to digital tools.

  • Field Book: the example of Estonia – Jane Jäger (ARIB)

The second part of the webinar was conducted by Jane Jäger who presented the case of Estonia,  one of the testing countries along with Spain and Italy of FaST tool, and its experience working with the Field Book, a formal record, either in paper format or electronic, where farmers are obligated to record information about their agricultural activities.

  • Farmer Platform – Fabio Slaviero (Abaco)

Last but not least, Fabio Slaviero closed this interesting and informative webinar talking about Abaco Farmer, a digital platform built for and with farmers aiming to provide decision support and alerting based on data analysis,  AI/machine learning and a Farm Management Information System.