February 14, 2022

Food Traceability 4.0 forum to connect producers and consumers

On October 27th, the Regional Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Sustainable Development of the region of Andalusia and the Spain, Andalusia and TIC Cámaras entities of Chamber of Commerce, organized a forum about food traceability 4.0 with the title “technologies to connect producers and consumers”.

Highlighting some topics of the session:

  • Cristina de Toro (Andalusian General Director of Industry, Innovation and Agrifood Value Chain) quoted Traceability & Big Data and Andalucía Agrotech DIH as key initiatives to boost digital transformation in the region. She also presented two traceability projects of the Regional Ministry: DAT, a transportation documental application that ensures traceability of logistics operations from farms to first step on processing/storage in agriculture and forestry products dedicated to human consumption; and REMOA, a mandatory traceability system for bulk olive oil and pomace transportation.
  • The round table dedicated to “strategies and challenges for food traceability” presented the cases of companies Hispatec Agrointeligencia and Corteva Agriscience which share their strategies that position traceability and data management as key elements for the grow of the sector.

Particulary, Jorge Martinez from Corteva Agriscience explained that the company data strategy is focused on productivity, problem detection, inputs efficiency, pattern setting and interoperability, bearing in mind “5 V’s”: volume, velocity, variety, veracity and valorization.

  • Three best practices coming from Andalusian companies were presented.

- Miguel López from Grupo Primaflor presented their ambitious digital plan with data management as core and the use of blockchain models across the chain.

- Carmen López from Grupo Jaencoop explained the traceability application used by their different cooperatives in order to ensure the fair trading information of olive oil.

- Enrique Garrido from the Montilla Moriles Wine & Vinegar Apellation of Origin presented #dejatuhuella (leave your foodprint) initiative that consists of a smart connectivity system based on the concept of footprint (environmental / emotional) as a connection point between the consumer (user experience) and the winery (value / experience provider).