September 14, 2023

Highlights of Smart Agrifood Summit

More than 1,600 professionals, 200 speakers, 80 startups, 350 companies ... participated in the Smart Agrifood Summit, an appointment to increase channels as well as to publicize new products, services and innovative projects related to the agrifood sector in Europe.

We covered the event via Twitter (@DataAgriS3) and here you are the main highlights through our tweets:

Maciej Golubiewski, @EUAgri: New CAP will provide a wide range of tools to promote innovation in the agrifood value chain and cross opportunities among member states.Data needs to be in the middle of innovation and it must be focused in the whole value chain.

.@MarCatedra71, coordinator of Traceability & Big Data, presents our S3 Partnership in the #Agritalk.The talk is mainly focused on the opportunities for stakeholders that are involved through the regional nodes of our 24 regions and 12 associated partners.

Disruptive technologies in the food industry round table has covered the growth of applied technologies, ability to attract capital, solutions to save manual labor or the application of artificial intelligence to better understand customer behavior, among others.

Accelerating agrifood innovation through Digital Innovation Hubs: stakeholders of the Andalusian regional node agree that collaboration is the key element to boost digital transformation of the sector.

Attending the round table "agroindustry innovation, opportunities for applying robotics and artificial intelligence".A common vision is shared: it is necessary to interconnect solutions available across the value chain.

At olive innovation forum: the round table dedicated to innovation in commercialization covers technologies & consumer needs.Francisco Bañó, @CastillodCanena, proposes using traceability not only to give information to consumers, but also to get feedback from them.

AGRITALK, a space to present and learn about initiatives related to the agrifood sector: