March 18, 2021

ICT-AGRI-FOOD fast track to innovation workshops

These series of events aligned very well with the overall mission of ICT-AGRI-FOOD to bring together actors from across the entire agri-food systems including primary producers, advisors, SMEs, food processors, food retailers, consumers and the public sector with researchers in a multi-actor approach, to enable digital technology solutions for a transition towards sustainable and resilient agri-food systems. ICT-AGRi-FOOD supports 19 of the most excellent European research projects in the field of agrifood tech and to foster the successful go-to-market of their research results.

Knowledge Forum on 19 November 2020

The core objective of this forum was to introduce the 19 ICT-AGRI-FOOD research projects it supports to experienced actors in the field of agrifood innovation to share insights and to build on existing networks, tools, methodologies, standards, platforms etc. in order to prevent replications and ineffective use of resources.

Individual Workshops on 26 November 2020

In this interactive workshop, 14 of 19 ICT-AGRI-FOOD research projects worked in small groups on discovering their support needs in terms of product development, monetization, sustainability and communication. Each of the 3 sessions took about 2 hours where each research project filled in an interactive Mural to identify relevant partners.

Partnership Event on 10 December 2020

ICT-AGRI-FOOD invited many different stakeholders to meet the research projects and to introduce the research projects in 3-min pitches not only to the agri-food innovation ecosystem but also to each other. In 3 different thematic rooms focussing on Product Development, Communication and Sustainability, the research projects and the audience had the chance to exchange and to break-out into individual meetings with interesting partners.

The event series was very successful attracting in total more the 270 attendees and 380+ registrations. The research projects were successfully introduced to agrifood innovation actors and projects like JRC’s Smart Specialization Platform with its DIHs and the Thematic Areas of Agrifood, EIP-AGRI Service point, EIT Food, AEF, IoF2020, SmartAgriHubs, DEMETER and ATLAS. Furthermore, the research projects are now aware of the following existing tools and platforms:

Furthermore, the event series created ideas among all actors for a better contextual metadata discovery by optimizing websites and social media communication in the future to enable an improved ecosystem search for relevant research results, partners, relations and regional communication nodes.

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