March 1, 2024

Meeting with the S3 CoP Funding Service

The Funding, Finance and Investment Assistance provided as expert service by the S3 Community of Practice continues its pathway after the first phase based on the set-up of the Traceability & Big Data state of the art on the related issue.

The S3 CoP expert in charge has prepared a concept note about the main areas to be covered during the service:

  • The exploration of needs to locate finance and/or funding at the entire S3 Partnership level, collaborating with the work started by the T&BD Roal Map Working Group.
  • The complete definition of the focus of Technical Working Groups and deep-dive on concrete funding opportunities.

Last 26th of February, the S3 CoP expert, the T&BD coordination team and the Working Group leaders met to discuss the concept note and prioritise the key points to work on in the following months.

The Funding service is expected to be activated by the end of April 2024.

The ultimate objective of the S3 CoP regarding this service is the improvement of the Thematic Partnerships capacities in identifying (and activating) opportunities that match their funding needs and embracing specific and targeted opportunities. In the medium and long run, such improved capacities are a necessary condition for guaranteeing Partnerships’ project implementation and delivering ‘industry-relevant' impact.