September 14, 2023

New Surveillance Unit

The new Surveillance Unit was presented in the last technical meeting of the partnership held on-line last June. The main objective is to take advantage of the funding opportunities in Europe to support the partnership and  the development of collaborative projects, which are essential for innovation and, thus, for the digital transformation of the European agrifood sector.

It will be composed by different members from regions and associated members who will work together following a four step process. The Unit will firstly identify potential funding opportunities that will secondly analyse. Those really interesting ones will be matched with potential ideas and needs within the partnership. This will let not only regions and associated members but also stakeholders from their regional nodes be able to submit proposals and, hopefully, to have additional funding.

Due to summer holidays, the Surveillance Unit is now in a previous phase defining the team and testing tools. It will definitely start working in September with its 1st on-line meeting.