March 18, 2021

NIVA, towards an innovation ecosystem

From 23 to 25 November a virtual Project Meeting was held, gathering all the state members, paying agencies and stakeholders. The interest of this meeting relies on three main points:

  1. Provide an opportunity for all project participants to discuss and shape the next steps of the project implementations.
  2. Develope work plans and actions lists to move from the phase of development components and innovations to testing the components and innovations.
  3. Update all project participants and EC representatives on the relevant activities in NIVA shifting from the phase of development to the phase of testing.

The project reached in November (Mo18) its halfway point. So far, the different work packages are meeting the timetable thanks to the good collaboration from all partners. It is worthy to mention that the testing phase schedule has experienced some delays because of the COVID 19 pandemic, but insofar as possible, partners are sticking to the original plan. Currently, the project is immerse in the testing phase of the different algorithms and components developed.

NIVA project

NIVA is an ambitious project whose scope is the creation of a new vision on the Integrated Administration and ControlSystem (IACS) – the instrument for CAP governance- of application in the future Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). NIVA strives for the efficient use of digital solutions and e-tools that helps to reduce administrative burden for farmers, paying agencies and other stakeholders by creating reliable methodologies and harmonised data sets for monitoring agricultural performance. It is expected that the project’s results promote a transparent, simpler administrative process that make more efficient the future CAP.

Since June 2019, member states divided into 9 different use cases have been working on open standards and common services digital tools. All this with the purpose to create new opportunities for farmers and industry to improve farming processes and techniques to contribute to sustainability and competitiveness of the agricultural sector.

Use cases and their tentative Key Performance Indicators to be elaborated during the project implementation are defined as follow:

  • UC1A - Earth Observation Monitoring and Traffic Lights
  • UC1B - Agro-environmental monitoring
  • UC1C - Farmer Performance
  • UC2 - Prefilled application, GSAA/Land link
  • UC3 - Farm Registry
  • UC4A - Geotagged photos
  • UC4B - Machine data in GSAA as added value data
  • UC5A - LPIS: Update & Change detection
  • UC5B - Scheme Eligibility and Payment Eligibility: click-and-pay

Next webinars

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