March 29, 2021

Ploutos, a project to help re-balance the agri-food value chain and enhance its sustainability

Ploutos aims to create opportunities for changes that can rebalance the value chain in the agri-food system towards a more environmentally, socially and economically sustainable system.  This project will take a systems-based approach looking at the overall impact of changes at any point in the value chain, thereby enabling a more comprehensive and in depth understanding.

Sustainable Innovation Framework

This procedure requires new ways of thinking, working and cooperating. This systemic approach refers to the project as Sustainable Innovation Framework and its main purpose is to provide a toolkit for assessment and adaptation to these changes according to its three dimensions: behaviour, collaborative business model and data driven technological innovation.

Ploutos Innovation Academy

The academy's role is to provide a structure for identification of opportunities, the promotion of behavioural innovation, the development of new business models, raising awareness of data driven technologies and the establishment of partnerships across the value chain.

A consortium of 33 partners from ten countries participates in PLOUTOS, coordinated by Gaia, a Greek organization specialized in agriculture. The project is articulated through eleven pilot tests of sustainable innovation. These cover a wide range of agri-food ecosystems, in 13 countries, covering herbaceous crops, horticulture (both in the open field and in the greenhouse), perennials and dairy production, among others.

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