September 14, 2023

Presentation event of the Andalucía Agrotech European Digital Innovation Hub

The Andalucía Agrotech European Digital Innovation Hub (in advance, EDIH) project held its launch meeting last 14th April, being the starting point for implementing different actions and services that will promote the digitalization of SMEs, especially in the agrifood sector.

More than 30 entities from the agricultural, technological, and knowledge sectors have joined in Andalucía to offer a complete range of services for digitalization. Andalucía Agrotech EDIH will provide SMEs with technology demonstration services “test before invest”, open entrepreneurship and innovation, access to financing, and training and education.

Cristina de Toro, General Director of Industries, Innovation, and Agri-Food Chain in Andalucía, highlighted the strategic nature of this project in Europe, which is specialized in the digitalization of the agrifood sector.

The European Commission has designated Andalucía Agrotech DIH as an EDIH, joining a European network of excellence that is driving the digital transformation of SMEs. Out of the 283 applications submitted to the European call, only 82 have achieved this seal of excellence.

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