May 3, 2021

PUBLIC INNOVATION PROCUREMENT: the Andalusian experience

Last 28th April, within the Partnership iniciative of webinars, Andalusia, and more concretely, the Regional Ministry for Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Sustainable Development, presented 3 of the 5 projects which are being developed using Public Procurment Innovation (herinafter, PPI).

PPI is a tool that enables innovation in the business sector from the public demand. It is a new format of public procurement which is being used recently by public administrations. As a new tool, its implementation is not always easy. Therefore, Andalusia wanted to expose not only the projects but also some lessons learnt, tips and key factors which could help other regions interested in using it. Amongst them, the involvement of all agents related to the issue and their coordination are two of the most important elements to be taken into account.

Somehow, those elements together with a strong support and involvement of the legal and contracting departments in the Regional Ministry have been crucial to position this public entity as the one with more projects approved and a higher budget within the Andalusian administration.

Concerning projects, 3 of them were presented during the webinar: "Cloud_IA: Innovative Big Spatial Data e-Infrastructure for Regional Environmental Management"; “UAV4SIMPLIFY: Innovation Public Procurement for using unmanned air vehicles to simplify actions on the ground”; and, "Development of innovative analytical methodologies for: the characterization of olive oil and detection of biotoxinas in bivalves molluscs".

Cloud_IA pretends to give answer to 2 different challenges which are data normalization for spatial integration and prototyping of e-infrastructure with High Computing Performance and maximising the flexibiility and scalability adapted to public administration.

UAV4SIMPLIFY aims at giving answer to 5 needs detected in the sector: improving the management of rural infrastructure, damage assessment and emergency works; improving agriculture inspection and control; improving fisheries inspection and control; updating the Geographical Information System for Agriculture Parcels (SIGPAC); and, improving data integration and explotation by administrations and end users.

Analytical methodologies seeks developing a methodology that allows to obtain values to guarantee a product complies with all the requirements established by regulation, so that only some samples need to be analysed in labs.

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