September 14, 2023

S3P-Industrial Modernisation: opportunities of collaboration

Last 23d. of June, the Traceability and Big Data Partnership organised a webinar on "The Thematic Platform on Industrial Modernisation: opportunities of collaboration". Fernando Méridaand Isabelle Seigneur, both from the Joint Research Center of the European Commission, presented the support provided by this Smart Specialisation Platform to EU regions in the generation of a pipe line of industrial investment projects implemented through interregional cooperation, cluster participation and industry involvement.

The speakers highlighted that the Commission will mobilise a widerange of advice and support services to offer continuous support tothe interregional partnerships to make this approach a real success for thebenefit of all EU regions and their stakeholders. They presented concrete details on the functioning of the Re-Confirm initiative and the Technical Assistance Facility, as the main tools provided by DG GROW to support the scale-up of innovative investment projects across Europe.

On the other hand, the speakers highlighted the synergies that the TBD Partnership has with other Industrial Modernisation Partnerships, especially with those related to Bioeconomy; SMEs to the Industry 4.0; Artificial Intelligence; and European Cyber Valleys; and encouraged partners to explore potential opportunities for collaborations with them.

Finally, in relation with the new Industrial Strategy, focused on the green transition, the digitalisation and the global sustainability, the speakers considered that the Smart Specialisation can act as a driver for these three strategic transitions in Europe, since it can offer the necessary governance framework to make them happen locally.

Watch the webinar video