January 29, 2021

Speaking about augmented traceability: INVIVO QUEST Euro Tour

Last 19th of January, InVivo Quest organized a webinar on “Augmented traceability: How to ensure trust and shared value from Farmer to consumer?” as part of its “Invivo Quest Euro tour 20-21”.

The first part of the event was focused on presenting a French traceability platform for the agrifood called “Agriprogress”, a single platform to connect upstream and downstream players of the agrifood value chain. The platform is based in the concept of “augmented traceability” which refers to the specific information on agrifood products brought to farmers and consumers in order to increase trust and value in both sides of the value chain.

Later, it was presented Agromousquetaires, the agrofood cluster of Groupement Les Mousquetaires. This initiative is made of 10 manufacturing sectors, 62 production units throughout France, 11,000 employees and around 18,000 breeder partners and 1,200 farmer partners. Agromousquetaires is the 4th agrofood player in France and the 1st manufacturer of private label products in the country, manufacturing 3,000 «Made in France» references.

InVivo Quest is a challenge open to agri-food startups with a twofold objective: on one hand, to identify the startups that will help accelerate the transition of the agri-food sector and, on the other hand, to build an international agri-food innovation ecosystem.

The 4th edition of InVivo Quest was launched on September 2020 and the dedicated platform has now collected the first applications for this edition that is taking place exclusively in Europe.

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