September 14, 2023

Strengthening connections with DEMETER

S3P Traceability & Big Data looks continuously for projects and initiatives related to the topics that we work. In this sense, on May 31th, the Technical Coordination team met with partners of the H2020 project DEMETER.

Both Partnerships presented their objectives, activities and background to enhance the mutual knowledge. It is worth mentioning, the interesting platform developed by DEMETER partners, called Stakeholders Open Collaboration Space (SOCS). This is an online platform dedicated to all stakeholders (farmers, advisors, and suppliers) where they can collaborate, share best practices and participate in the co-creation processes. It is expected that first results of SOCS will be shared in October 2022.

Additionally, cross-fertilization among T&BD and DEMETER by promoting joint events and mutual learning is expected in the near future.

The day after the meeting, we also attended the webinar “Developing solutions within DEMETER: The Open Call #1 winners present their solutions”. The event was focused on the DEMETER’s first Open Call, called DEVELOP, that aimed to attract and engage startups and SMEs with technology products that can be implemented within the agro-business sector. Five specific challenges were addressed and funded by the Open Call: Soil Workability and Humidity Monitoring, Interoperable Geo Tagged Photo App, Isobus Enabler, Blockchain-based solutions for agricultural applications.and DEMETER Business Process Integration. Nine agritech SMEs that were selected as the winners presented their solutions and how they integrated with DEMETER.

The H2020 DEMETER project is a large-scale deployment of farmer-driven, interoperable smart farming-IoT (Internet of Things) based platforms, delivered through a series of 20 pilots across 18 countries (15 EU countries). Involving 60 partners, DEMETER adopts a multi-actor approach across the value chain (demand and supply), with 25 deployment sites, 6,000 farmers and over 38,000 devices and sensors being deployed.