May 27, 2021

The Agriculture of Data Partnership is being developed

Last 25th of May, a webinar was held to provide an overview on the current and future development of the Horizon Europe candidate partnership “Agriculture of Data”.

The European Commission has proposed a partnership “Agriculture of Data” to be set up under the Research & Innovation Framework Programme Horizon Europe. The principle objectives of this partnership are using the possibilities offered by data technologies in the field of Environmental observation/Earth observation to

a) provide support to improve the sustainability performance of agricultural production; and

b) improve the capacities for policy development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

Thus, the partnership aims to address interests of the private and public sectors.

The partnership is to be launched in the year 2023 of the Work programme 2023/2024 of Horizon Europe. Thus, the work on the detailed scope of the partnership and a Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) has to start in the first semester of 2021, following a participatory approach. To guide this process, a series of webinars is planned for 2021, being the first one celebrated last 25th of May.

One important next step in developing the concept of the partnership is a comprehensive stocktaking of ongoing initiatives related to the scope of the partnership as well as of potential interests and needs that could be addressed by the partnership.

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