September 14, 2023

The French Agritech dynamic is launched in the Paris International Agricultural Show

The Paris International Agricultural Show is the annual meeting place for all the key players of the agricultural world. It gathers main actors of the agricultural sector: local farmers, research and technical institutes, universities, solution providers, ministries and French regions, professional organizations and agricultural syndicates. The show is organized around the main sectors of agriculture: livestock, crop and plants, vegetable, products from French regions and its overseas territories and, in recent years, it has included a new space dedicated to the agrifood tech sector.

This year, it has been presented the “French AgriTech” national dynamic by the French Minister of Agriculture, Julien de Normandie and the Secretary of State of Numeric Transition, Cedric O. The dynamic is composed by a report which summarizes the state of the art of the Agrifood Tech sector in France, an agenda and a roadmap for the development of the sector in the upcoming 8 years with the main objective to promote the development of the agrifood technologies, particularly through startups. The French government estimates a budget of 2.3 billion euro.

Together ACTA (Technic Agriculture Institutes), the S3P Traceability & Big Data partner region, Pays de la Loire, have participated in the writing of the state of art of the “French Agritech” dynamic, sharing their experience and knowledge about the agritech sector across Europe and France, thanking, among others, the participation in the H2020 SmartAgriHub project.

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