April 29, 2021

Two pilot projects within SAH drive radical transparency and trust in agri-food supply chains

The Flagship Innovation Experiment (FIE) 28, within the SmartAgriHubs project, implements blockchain technology to integrate data from stakeholders across the dairy and poultry supply chain to improve traceability of products. In this context, Trace Labs and Original Trail have developed two successful pilot projects using Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs) and blockchain.

Trace Labs, the developer of the blockchain protocol, and Original Trail, the open-source decentralized protocol, worked together with Perutnina Ptuj, the largest poultry producer in South-eastern Europe, to create a Decentralized Provenance application which helps provide certainty about food origins and animal welfare standards used to increase consumer trust this technology.

In the second Pilot Project, Trace Labs and Original Trail worked with the Agricultural Cooperative Šaleška Dolina (KZŠD) in Slovenia to develop an automated dairy payment solution. This application helps dairy supply chains optimize their payment processes by using trusted data.

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