September 14, 2023

T&BD webinar: Platform of Agri-food in the context of SDGs

The 19th. of May our Partnership organised a Webinar on 'The EU Smart Specialisation Platform on Agrifood inthe context of SDG2030'. The speaker, Katerina Ciampi-Stankova, from the Joint Research Center of the European Commission, presented how the European Smart Specialisation Platform in Agrifood is working towards the achievement of the Agenda 2030. She started by providing some general remarks about the current COVID19 context, and the main features of the EU response to this pandemic.

In relation with the Sustainable Development Goals, she pointed out the contribution that the European interregional partnerships are already making to its achievement, mainly to the Objectives 2 (end hunger); 3 (healthy lives); 12 (sustainable consumption); and 17 (global partnerships). Afterwords she presented some publications of interest in that field; and then commented how the S3 Policy Framework for the years 2021-2027 will offer suport both for international collaboration and for strengthening the European value chains. As a priority area of smart specialisation, Agrifood will continue benefiting from opportunities in the new programing period. Efforts will be made as well to suport the alignment of S3 Partneships to the SDGs achievement. In this sense, an online International Conference will be organised soon, and some posters already prepared by the differente S3 Agrifood partnerships will be presented in the event, to show the alignement of different initiatives and projects coming from the Partenerships to the SDGs.

Finally, Katerina Ciampi highlighted that, in the coming years, the European Green Deal & 2030 Agenda will be the EU recovery frameworks for resilient and sustainable future; and encouraged the regions to keep working together in the search of innovative solutions that are required to achieve systemic changes.

Watch the webinar video