Increase the competitiveness in the agrifood industry

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TRACK aims to create an interregional ecosystem to stimulate new innovative solutions fitting specific requirements of agrifood chain, and joint investments towards an advanced agrifood industry 4.0.

The agrifood sector is subject to different external pressures, such as rising demand for food, competition for land, globalisation, threats from animal/plant diseases, environmental changes and public health considerations. As a consequence, agrifood industry has to become more efficient and sustainable and take advantage of new technological developments.

Line of action:

  1. Building a common vision of the challenges to face and the bottlenecks to the adaption of new technologies for improving efficiency and traceability in various vegetal-based agrifood chains.
  2. Proposing a joint implementation plan to stimulate innovation, business and investment for better efficiency and traceability in agrifood chain.
  3. Creating an interregional ecosystem for cross-pollination between ICT/TBD and agrifood sector, and the associated tools to develop cooperation between actors.
  4. Highlighting and making emergence pilot projects to facilitate the development of promising solutions.
  5. Providing dedicated support to a selection of high potential ICT SMEs to speed up the deployment of their solutions in the agrifood sector.
  6. Interlinking and creating synergies with other national and European initiatives to improve the impacts of TRACK actions and sustain them in the time.

Budget: 458.690 €

Length of the project: October 2018 - September 2020

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The Map above presents 4 stem-themes where Clusters and their SMEs members can start navigating solutions to tackle the challenges of Big Data & Traceability.

They are as follows:

  1. The “Innovation & Business Support” theme, where a selection of industry 4.0 initiatives can be found.
  2. The “Knowledge Sharing” theme, where Good Practice (pdf) for adopting 4.0 solutions in agrifood are stored.
  3. The “Regional Systems” theme including links to all of the stakeholders working in synergy with the clusters to bring solutions to SMEs, for example, the Digital Innovation Hubs.
  4. And the “S3 Platforms (Foresight)” theme including links to groups active at European level to explore trends and upcoming needs and to create a dynamic around new technological trends.

Click on the small arrows to find out more about each solution. You can also zoom in or out.

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