Region's basic data
  • 27% agricultural area of the total surface.
  • 8,500 workers in the agrifood sector.
  • Agrifood and bioeconomy is one of five priorities of Smart Specialisation Strategy.

Friuli Venezia Giulia (FVG) is a region situated in the north-eastern corner of Italy. The region can count on a great combinations of land and climate: the ocean currents that come in from the Adriatic Sea mix with the colder currents from the Alps to create a perfectly hospitable climate for many agrifood productions. 

The agricultural area of the region is made of about 231.000 ha, which represent the 27% of the total surface.

Among the about 20.000 agricultural businesses in Friuli, approximately 1,500 (7.5%) dedicate their activity to food-related products. FVG counts on about 1,217,000 inhabitants, of which 8.500 are working in the agrifood sector.

Since 2012, Friuli Venezia Giulia Region has its own Smart Specialisation Strategy, with “Agrifood and Bioeconomy” as one of the 5 priorities. In line with the new governance model, which establishes the participation of all active regional components in the definition of RIS3FVG, the Central Directorate for Agrifood, Forestry, Fishand Mountain resources is directly involved in the definition and revision of the strategy concerning its competences.

FVG Region is actively working on pursuing the digitalisation applied to the agrifood sector. The priority is to bring all data coming from the different food supply chain of the territory into a centralised digital platform.



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