Connecting the dots to unleash the innovation potential for digital transformation of the European agri-food sector

Objectives: The main objective of this project is to build a network of DIH (Digital Innovation Hubs) in agriculture within a European coverage.

The project aims to create a European network of services offered by DIHs with the appropriate quality and coverage. The methodology to achieve this objective will start by involving previously existing DIH and Competency Centers with different capacities. As part of the project, innovation experiments and open calls will be carried out.

Lines of action: The project will fulfill the actions listed below:

  1. Generation of cooperative relationships among European DIH.
  2. Provision of support and training to qualify DIH and help them into the developing of their networks, communications and other tools and associated services they may need.
  3. Identification of particular regional characteristics, actors and funding sources available to face the identified challenges.
  4. Launching of open calls managed by DIH and directed to stakeholders engagement.
  5. Developing of experiments and flaghship projects resulting from open calls.
  6. Analyisis of agrifood producer and DIH needs in relation to digital transformation.
  7. Supporting the creation of new DIHs, the DIH network and the DIH Observatory.
  8. Establishment of a European network within Digital Competency Centres of excellency.

Partners: There are 108 partners while the consortium is led by the Stichting Wageningen Research (The Netherlands). There are 140 DIHs, 9 clusters, 28 FIEs and 5 sectors.

Budget: 22,423,146.00 €

Lenght of the project:  48 months.

Main results: